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Abrasive materials on the guard of human life


Abrasive materials on the guard of human life

With the advent of new types of weapons, at the same time, mankind invented protection against it. Evolution touched absolutely all aspects of life, and this one did not become an exception.

Medieval knights wore metal armor that protected them from enemy blades.

Thanks to the equipment made of metal, the knights would be invulnerable if there was not one significant drawback - the armored man was practically incapable of independent movement. Without help, climbing the horse was an impossible task. Exactly this circumstance made the knights an easy prey for the enemies.

Over time, armor began to weigh significantly less, replaced by a more modern protection - bulletproof vests. With the advent of firearms, the main task of mankind was the creation of effective defense of vital parts of the body. Then the first prototypes of modern bullet-proof vests appeared. In 1871, Koreans are the first one who dressed in cotton fabric, which consisted of several dozen layers. Despite the drawbacks of the method, it was this situation that contributed to the birth of the idea of creating a bulletproof vest.

Around the same time the Japanese appeared "silk bulletproof vest". In 1862 the Americans were a few steps ahead of their predecessors, and March 15, presented to the world the body armor. Its even usual today.

The sellers guaranteed safety - protection provided the safety of life and health of the fighter. The price of first security attributes ranged from 5 to 7 dollars. In the following years, armor has been an evolving one – procnames, improved and become even more invulnerable.

Today body armor is able to preserve human life and health, protecting it from different types of weapons: firearms, edged and even from shrapnel wounds.

Abrasive materials are directly related to bulletproof vests. In addition to titanium, ceramic composite plates consisting of alumina, silicon carbide and boron carbide are used in the manufacture of protection.

Special ceramics, which includes the above abrasive materials, has special properties. The most important of them is the increased strength. Powders are mixed in the established proportions and sintered in non-oxidizing gaseous environment at a temperature level up to 2250 degrees. In this way, plates, which are the basis of body armor, are produced.

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